City of Peoria extends yard waste collection for next week

Dec 4, 2013

The City of Peoria is extending yard waste collection for residents. Officials say it took leaves longer to fall this year and combine with the Thanksgiving holiday it made for poor timing on yard waste pick-up. Peoria City Manager Patrick Urich says PDC is extending yard waste pick up starting next week through December 13th:

  “If we don’t pick it up are people going to leave it by the curb, are they going to dispose of it in other parts of the city where they may just get rid of it, are they going to burn it which is a problem,” Urich says.   

 Urich says residents should set out yard waste on their normal garbage collection day starting next week before 6 a.m.  Waste must be in appropriate garbage cans, bags or totes. Urich says the extra week of yard waste collection will cost the city more than $50,000.