City shares details, timeline on Main/University project

Jan 29, 2014

City of Peoria officials say they hope the Main and University intersection project finishes by mid-May. That was the estimated timeline shared with more than 50 people at a public meeting yesterday.

The plan includes pedestrian-friendly bumpouts at the intersection and three lanes on Main and University for several blocks. Peoria City Engineer Scott Reeise says the real challenge will be educating drivers on alternate routes during and after construction:

"So it's folks who want to go south utilizing Nebraska, Farmington Road back up to Main.  Or if they want to go downtown to utilize the interstate system.  There’s no need to get off at University if you want to go to downtown Peoria.  Go ahead and continue on down the interstate and get off at Glendale or Washington street,” Reeise says.  

Reeise says raised platform crosswalks with embedded lights are also proposed at seven intersections in the area including Main and University. The goal is to help slow traffic. Reeise says initial water-main work is set for late February or early March. The $2.6 million project also calls for improving pedestrian access at Main and Columbia Terrace.