CityLink celebrates Dump the Pump

Jun 20, 2013

  CityLink is encouraging Peoria area motorists to “Dump the Pump.”

CityLink gave passengers coupons for participating attractions, including the Owens Center and the Caterpillar Visitors Center for the national day of recognition.

Anna Buehrer handles public relations for CityLink. She said the benefits of using public transit are both economic and environmental. Buehrer said more than one hundred riders took advantage of the coupons.

“CityLink uses a lot of different opportunities throughout the year to talk about our public transportation,” Buehrer said.

“We certainly do things through our Passenger Appreciation Day in April. We talked about public transportation with our celebration of Rosa Parks, and then in the fall we have our big Stuff a Bus campaign.”

Buehrer said 2012 year end ridership numbers were up 8 percent. She said CityLink runs the numbers for its fiscal year at the end of the month, and so far a cursory look suggests a further uptick in ridership.

CityLink has 46 new buses in its fleet.