Citylink to change Pekin bus routes

Jun 25, 2014

More than 35 people attended a meeting at Pekin Public Library to give input on CityLink’s proposed bus route changes.

Citylink is looking to streamline its Pekin routes that include 17, 18 and 23.

The idea is drivers can keep on a better schedule by eliminating low rider bus stops, avoiding school zones, and taking more direct routes.

Josh Moore is with Citylink. He says change is necessary. Moore says ridership and passenger stops have increased since the company took over the Pekin routes in 2009.

“They’ve been running behind because the ridership has grown exponentially.  And it causes problems with people not being able to make connections.  The busses are always late. Sometimes they get so late we simply have to reverse the routes just to put them back on time.  Which of course makes them miss places.”

Pekin riders are also suggesting later and Saturday service options. All recommendations from the meeting are to be taken into consideration.

The City of Pekin and Citylink must agree on the changes before any route adjustments are implemented.

Pekin residents can also submit ideas in writing to Citylink.  

Planning Administrator, Citylink

2105 NE Jefferson  

Peoria, IL 61603