Clean up remains focused on debris removal in Washington

Dec 5, 2013

With flurries expected this weekend in central Illinois, Washington officials say cleanup is going smoothly. The hard hit city remains focused on debris removal. Sara Sparkman with the Tazewell County Emergency Management Agency says she doesn’t expect that to be held up because of this week’s weather.

“Washington is continuing to cleanup. It’s going to be a longer process than other places because of the extent of the damage. Though, to be able to get another week or two before the first snow that would be…well, the next first now…that would be helpful to get a little more debris out of the area.”

Officials in Gifford say the cleanup is going smoothly in their town as well. They say the focus is shifting from debris removal to tearing down badly damaged structures. Meanwhile, some tornado cleanup efforts in the southern Illinois town of Brookport have been halted because of the weather. Workers there are treating roads ahead of a storm, which could drop sleet and snow.