Clock Tower Place open in East Peoria

Nov 7, 2013

  East Peoria celebrated the latest building newly opened for business in its downtown.

 Clock Tower Place is about 54-thousand square feet of business space that features a clock tower. Jim Mamer is the President of Morton Community Bank. He says they are consolidating about 65 employees, centralizing their credit processing and insurance and investment services into the new location.

Mamer: “We take up 36,000 of the the 54,000 square feet. The chamber of commerce takes up a small portion on the second floor and then Heinold Banwart is our tenet on the top floor.”

Mamer says the building will employee about 135 people. He says they also have meeting space in the building that will be shared with certain charitable organizations.   

Morton Community Bank was the first to announce it would construct a financial institution in East Peoria’s new downtown. That was 12 years ago during the planning phase of the Levee District. 

Construction cost on the new Clock Tower Place facility weighed-in at nearly $16 million.