Close vote on IL toll measure

May 3, 2013

Illinois lawmakers are considering a measure intended to encourage big-time tollway violators to pay their debts. Anyone who owes more than a thousand dollars and has exhausted the appeal process could have their name listed online.  

Lawmakers are divided. Republican Representative Ron Sandack , from Downers Grove, says Illinois should not create a "website of shame."

"I'd rather have the law say: by a certain date and after certain notices, the tollway authority will go to collection, will hire an outside attorney, and will seek to get the money that's owed. But his shaming concept, I think, is a dangerous precedent, and I would urge a no vote,” Sandack says.

The legislation failed by just one vote. But a freshman lawmaker immediately stood up and said she had hit the wrong button and meant to vote in FAVOR of the website.

That would have been enough to send it to the governor's desk. The sponsor can call the bill for a re-vote as early as next week.