Clydesdales visiting Washington this week

Aug 18, 2014

A popular team of horses are setting up camp in Washington, Illinois this week. The Budweiser Clydesdales are setting up at Uftring Chevy of Washington through this Sunday. Candy Liggin is with the Washington Chamber of Commerce. She says the Clydesdales could also boost interest in a Chamber ‘passport’ contest that enters people in prize drawings for visiting different businesses around town:

“Give people a fun way of coming in and seeing ‘I didn't know that there was that accounting business, or I didn't know you had that many banks or what that shop actually sold.”

Liggin says the Clydesdales can help attract visitors to Washington as the city continues to recover from last year’s devastating tornado. Brewers Distributing company of Peoria worked with the chamber to bring the horses into Washington for various events throughout the week. People can view the Clydesdales from ten to seven each day starting Tuesday. A link to the Clydesdale appearances and event schedule is available by clicking here.