College prep focus of District 150 pilot program

Apr 1, 2013

Peoria School District 150 is touting a pilot program to help parents and high school students prepare for college.  

The College Bound Peoria program launched last fall and now has 20 students and 28 parents. The program gives parents financial information, shares tips on how to save for college and takes students on tours of state and private schools in the Mid-West. York Powers is the District 150 Family and Community coordinator. He says the program’s goal is to help students adapt to an ever-changing academic environment:

“We have so many students who think of what college looks like on TV and they hear stories.  But college has changed within the last five years, college has changed within the last fifteen years and for parents who went to college, college has changed in the last twenty years,” Powers says.

“So to keep them up to date and up to speed on what it takes to be a successful student at the university level is direly important.”

Students and their parents must also commit to attending monthly workshops and community service activities to remain in the program. Powers says 8th graders interested in joining the College Bound Peoria program next fall can fill out an application on the District 150 website.  He says district administration considers academic progress and how well students fill out the application when deciding who qualifies for the program.