Commission members question regional lobbying efforts

Nov 18, 2013

Members of the Tri-County Regional Planning Commission say it’s been months since the group’s lobbying firm has shared updates from D.C.  Tri-County, the City of Peoria and Peoria County all use The Ferguson Group to advocate for their respective issues.  Commissioner Don Gorman says the Ferguson Group hasn’t done enough to advocate for Tri-County priorities:

 “It’s the taxpayers’ money, and the return on the investment with me should be greater for the taxpayers’ investment than what I’m seeing now,” Gorman says.

 The Commission is in a three-year contract with the Ferguson Group for more than $60,000.  The lobbying firm sent a letter to the Commission in February detailing grant opportunities and legislative issues it’s focused on in Washington D-C.  But commissioners say that was the last communication from the group.  That leaves questions whether Tri-County would renew its contract with the group after it expires next year.