Community remembers Gary Sandberg

Jul 26, 2013

The late Gary Sandberg's Harley Davison motorcycle sits in the pavilion area of the Gateway Building. His license plate reads “ATLRG2”
Credit Tanya Koonce/Peoria Public Radio

A steady flow of people came and went from the Gateway Building on the Peoria Riverfront Friday for the life remembrance for Peoria City Councilman Gary Sandberg.  

Pictures of Sandberg's life lined the room along with flowers. 

Sandberg's notable collection of bow ties were displayed in the middle of the large room. Many people in attendance also wore a bow tie in tribute to Sandberg.  

Gary Sandberg's Harley Davison motorcycle sat in the pavilion area of the building with a Macaw flag on the back representative of his bird Jelly Bean. His license plate: “ATLRG2”

Sandberg was a certified architect, and the first architect to serve as the Peoria City Director of Inspections. He held that roll for more than 10 years. Sandberg spend the last 24 years of his life on the Peoria City Council. 

He died unexpectedly of heart disease in his apartment in the Warehouse District during last week's heat.  Gary Sandberg was 65.   He leave behind two adult children.