A competitive GOP primary for Gov. could help other challengers

Sep 23, 2013

Some political strategists say a competitive Republican primary for governor could help challengers further down the ballot, like for state representative or senator.  Four candidates are seeking the GOP nomination for governor.

University of Illinois - Springfield political scientist Kent Redfield says one candidate for governor, Bruce Rauner, is trying to bring in new Republican voters to the primary. 

"That helps somebody down ballot who’s also trying to get people who might not vote or might not be - or the regular kind of Republican voters that normally show up in a primary.

Bill Brady, Kirk Dillard, and Dan Rutherford are also running for governor.

Meantime, Redfield say Democratic turnout could be low since it’s possible no Democrat running statewide will face a primary challenger. That could make it harder for any incumbent to lose their seat in the primary.