Concealed-carry snags in IL Senate

May 17, 2013

  The sponsor of a concealed-carry plan in the Illinois Senate says he's not giving up, despite the fact that his legislation was not called for a vote FRIDAY.

Democratic Senator Kwame Raoul of Chicago says "extremist" efforts kept fellow senators from supporting the measure. The proposal cleared a Senate panel yesterday, and it appeared to have enough momentum to go before the full chamber. Raoul says he isn't sure there were enough votes beforehand. But after a few last-minute changes today, he is sure this is the final version.

“Tallying votes for an issue like this. You know, with a tweak here you take one step forward with one person and two steps back with another person,” says Sen. Raoul.Raoul removed a clause that would have required concealed-carry applicants have "good moral character."

Another change would tightened the criteria by which state police can deny an application based on the objections of local law enforcement.

  Raoul would not say when he would ask the full Senate to vote on his plan.