Congressman Schock meets with Young Professionals Organization

Jun 6, 2014

Congressman Aaron Schock met with the Young Professionals Organization of Greater Peoria at Bradley University. The Congressman spoke about his experience as one of the youngest members of Congress and what led him on his career path.

Schock credits his work ethic and willingness to reach out across party lines and do things others are not willing to do to get results and pass legislation.  

“No Party is going to control the entire political process at all times throughout the period of our country. And so it’s important to build and maintain relationships across the aisle in order to be able to get things done regardless  of who’s in the White House and regardless of who controls congress.” 

Schock encouraged everyone to get involved with something they are passionate about and to put forth the maximum amount of effort because he says the results are worth the hard work.

As a state lawmaker, Schock passed 21 bills his first year in the House, the most legislation that year.