Coroner rules Tazewell County death a homicide

Mar 20, 2014

The Tazewell County Coroner is ruling the death of 66-year-old Carole Levin a homicide. James Baldi says he made the decision after considering signs of starvation and dehydration when Levin’s body was found last summer. He says he hopes the case can help residents be more vigilant about checking on elderly friends and neighbors: 

 “If the elderly person next door to you is not outside in nice weather, it goes on for a couple days, I mean knock on the door. I agree it’s risky, because people resent any intervention in family affairs...especially if a person would have a reason why we don’t want anybody around,” Baldi says. 

 Levin’s daughter is facing criminal neglect charges in Tazewell County Court. Baldi says additional input from the funeral home handling Levin’s body last year helped shed new light on the death investigation. The Center for Prevention of Abuse is also forming an Elder Abuse and Death review team. The six-county team will include county coroners, state’s attorney representatives and law enforcement to better investigate elderly abuse cases.