Could Chicago host the next RNC?

Nov 14, 2013

The new head of the Illinois GOP says it’s too early to say whether Chicago should host the 2016 Republican National Convention. That could be a tough sell to Chicago’s staunchly Democratic mayor.IPR'S Alex Keefe reports.

State Republican Party Chairman Jack Dorgan was cautious when asked today about the prospects of a Chicago RNC in 2016.

"Interesting dynamic. Uh, I’ve had some preliminary conversations."

Dorgan suggested it might be be hard for the state party to host a national convention while ALSO gearing up to get Republican U.S. Senator Mark Kirk re-elected.

Then there’s the issue of Mayor Rahm Emanuel, a former top aide to TWO Democratic presidents.

"Rahm can be, uh, probably an interesting person to, uh, deal with."

A Chicago Sun-Times columnist reported last week Emanuel was interested in hosting the Republican Convention. Dorgan says he hasn’t heard from the mayor, and the mayor’s office says the story isn’t true.