County Board member calls for more museum communication

Apr 23, 2013

One Peoria County Board member is calling for the Peoria Riverfront Museum to give updates during committee meetings.  


 County Board member Paul Rosenbohm says occasional committee updates from museum officials will help update the public on challenges and accomplishments for the facility:

 “There’s tax money that's involved, that the public voted to have this.  That the public wants to know what’s going on. It’s always better to be transparent,” Rosenbohm says. 

 The Museum is about six months delayed on providing the County required financial information. County officials have also repeatedly asked for the documentation. Museum officials say the audit from last fiscal year isn’t finished because it involves a complex transition from Lakeview to the new organization that complicates the finances. Jim Richerson says staff are committed to improving communication with the county.  He also says the museum is talking to the county to better understand what the communication expectations are beyond the lease and operating agreement.