County holds flood meeting in Chillicothe

Apr 29, 2013

More than 100 residents from the Chillicothe area learned about local recovery efforts following last week’s flooding.  Peoria County held an informational meeting to answer questions and update residents on how to deal with property damage.  Assistant Peoria County Administrator Scott Sorrel says that officials want residents to remember two main points in the coming weeks:

 “One are the public health related points, making sure your well and drinking water and septic system are safe before you start using them again.  And second as you start to repair your dwelling and residence, that you’re doing it in a safe manner,” Sorrel says. The County Board voted to waive permit fees when Elmwood was devastated by a tornado nearly three years ago.  Sorrel says the Board could consider suspending some permit fees for residents affected by the floods.  He says a county committee will also meet Wednesday to talk about hiring additional staff to help assess flood damage.