A course for the future of Hanna City Work Camp

May 21, 2013

Credit Alex Rusciano

The shuttered Hanna City is about to get some soil remediation in hopes of a new purpose. Peoria Public Radio’s Tanya Koonce reports a meeting last night shed light on the process. 

The US Air Force used the site for radar tracking until 1968. Since, it’s had a variety of uses, but for about the last decade mostly it's sat dark. 

Doctor David Brancato is with the Army Corps of Engineers who handles site testing and clean-up in a case like this. He says they’ve selected a remedy for the five areas that pose a potential risk to onsite workers, and are taking public comments on it through June 1st.

“The remedy is going to clean-up certain areas of the site, approximately 300 cubic yards to a standard that’s going to be protective to human health and the environment whether it be resident or industrial commercial,” Brancato says.

That fits with the purpose currently under consideration by Peoria County, the U of I Cooperative Extension and Tri County Regional Planning Commission. Peoria County Board Member Mary Ardapple says they’re in the early stages of considering some form of a Food Hub for the site. She says the meeting with Army Corps was beneficial as they learned the Hanna City Work Camp site has environmental integrity for the possibility of something like a food hub.