Criminal justice experts against new gun proposal

Oct 18, 2013

Illinois legislators have more research on mandatory minimums to go through if they want it. IPR'S Robert Wildeboer explains.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is making another push in the legislature for 3-year mandatory minimum sentences for those caught illegally carrying a loaded gun. 

The University of Chicago crime lab published a research memo last week in favor of mandatory minimums. But a research memo published Thursday and signed by more than 30 criminal justice experts sums up the research against mandatory minimums. Julie Biehl at Northwestern Law School helped author that memo.

"If the only solution that the state legislators have at their hand right now is to look into increasing mandatory sentencing then I would say sit on your hands and wait a beat until the city can address some of the problems."

The memo cites studies showing that mandatory minimums have not proven effective but that strategic policing and more officers have been proven effective.