Cross campaigns in Peoria

Sep 19, 2013

Republican Tom Cross at the Peoria County Republican Headquarters
Former House Republican leader Tom Cross says he will be a fiscal watchdog for the state’s finances if he’s elected Illinois Treasurer. Cross made a stop in Peoria Thursday to discuss why he’s running for the office. The Oswego lawmaker left his leadership post to campaign for the spot.

Cross says he will focus on requiring a balanced budget, reforming state spending, cracking down on fraud and waste, and protecting Illinois taxpayers. He says he will use legal remedies if lawmakers continue to approve an unbalanced state budget.

"It may ultimately take, and I don't  ever pick this as the first option, I see it as a last resort, going to court and having a judge say to the General Assembly, we're going to enforce the constitution and the state statute and make sure your budget is honest and balanced. And that's what we'll do as Treasurer because it hasn't worked in the last eight to ten years. And that's why we have eight-billion dollars in unpaid bills. 

Cross says if elected, he will also create a Government Integrity Unit that would be responsible for reviewing state financial documents for accuracy and protect pension funds from corruption and fraud. Cross faces DuPage County Auditor Bob Grogan in the primary. Champaign State Senator Mike Frerichs is seeking the Democratic nomination. Current Treasurer Dan Rutherford is seeking the GOP nomination for governor.