CUB offers energy/money savings tips

Oct 14, 2013

The federal Energy Information Administration is projecting a 13-percent increase in natural gas bills this winter compared to last.

The Citizens Utility Board says there are programs people can access to offset those costs. That includes light bulb discounts offered by Illinois utility companies, rebates for energy efficient furnaces and air conditioners, and home energy audits.

CUB spokeswoman Sarah Moskowitz says there are other energy savings tips people can follow at home. 

"Well first, just sealing cracks around windows and doors, that's going to be key. Checking the filter and either cleaning or replacing the filter on your HVAC system is really essential. Changing the light bulbs, it's really simple. Lighting can account for a lot of our energy costs."

Moskowitz says a recent federal report shows Illinois households use 44-percent more energy than the national average. That’s mostly due to extreme weather conditions in the Midwest. CUB has launched a new guide on its website,, outlining utility efficiency programs.