Daley discusses decision to drop out of race for gov

Sep 17, 2013

Bill Daley says he’s dropping out of the race for Illinois governor after doing some ”soul searching.” IPR’S Tony Arnold reports on why he wants out. 

Daley has worked on presidential campaigns, a White House chief of staff, U.S. Commerce Secretary, and served on several boards.

But in a 20-minute news conference with reporters Tuesday at the Union League Club in downtown Chicago, Daley said all that experience did not prepare him for running for Illinois governor.

"Until you get in this as a candidate, you don’t understand the enormity of not only the campaign and how different it is. It’s one thing to be, quite frankly, in the gallery and it’s another thing to be on the dance floor."

The Democrat got a little choked up when talking about continuing his family’s name in elected office. Daley said his decision to end his campaign had nothing to do with potentially losing to incumbent Pat Quinn, but more about what would be in store for him campaigning and governing, given the size of Illinois’ budget problems.

Former Ceasefire director Tio Hardiman could still challenge Quinn in the primary.