Daley says he wants to see IL's income tax drop

Jul 23, 2013

A candidate for Illinois governor says he wants to see the state’s income tax rate drop in 2015. Democratic challenger Bill Daley says two years ago, the legislature approved a hike in the income tax rate. He’d allow that hike to expire in two years.

“The legislators and the governor told the people two things: it was temporary and it solved the problem. It’s not even two years since they did that and yet people are already talking about having to extend that. For what? Because they can’t solve the problems?”

Daley also says the governor should hold a marathon negotiating session with legislative leaders to try to find agreement on pension reform.

Governor Pat Quinn pushed for the creation of a committee of legislators who have been meeting in private to try to find a compromise on how to tackle Illinois’ 100 billion dollar pension debt.