Danville VA disputes audit findings

Jun 11, 2014

A spokesman for the VA’s Illiana Medical Center in Danville says he’s had no indication there were serious problems with patient wait times there. The results of a federal audit of the country’s VA facilities released Monday showed a veteran’s average wait time for primary care there was 54 days, the worst in Illinois. 

But spokesman Doug Shouse says ‘he’s not sure if that figure’ is correct, and staff wants time to review the data. He contends since the federal audit team’s visit in May, 99% of patients at Danville’s VA Medical Center and its five clinics were scheduled within 30 days. 

“We thought that review went well, and there was nothing that highlighted  that there was anything of any seriousness that needs to be corrected.  Obviously, until we get an indication of the reason they’re coming back, and who’s going to be doing that review, we really can’t speak any more to that,” says Shouse.

But Shouse says the VA welcomes a planned follow-up visit, saying it’s good to have a fresh set of eyes review operations.

The head of a local group that provides financial help to veterans backs up Shouse. Brad Gould, superintendent of the Champaign County’s Veterans Assistance Commission, says he’s experienced no delays for his appointments, and those he works with.