Darius Pinex And The Case Of The Missing Dashcam Video

Jun 13, 2016

The agency charged with investigating the use of force by Chicago police never obtained a key video showing the moments leading up to a fatal 2011 shooting. Illinois Public Radio’s Patrick Smith reports.

When Chicago police officers pulled over Darius Pinex in January 2011, the dashcam in their CPD Chevy Tahoe was rolling.

The officers shot and killed Pinex during that traffic stop.

The video was used as evidence in a federal lawsuit against the city which means that for five years, the police department and the city’s law department had the video, but never turned it over to the Independent Police Review Authority.

Steve Greenberg is an attorney for the Pinex family.

GREENBERG: They claim the car was fleeing from them and it was clear from the video that it was an absolutely routine traffic stop, he pulls over within 10 or 12 seconds after their lights go on.

A spokesman for the city law department says they are not responsible for turning evidence over to the city agency that investigates police shootings.