Day one of veto session: not much happening

Oct 22, 2013

Illinois lawmakers were back in Springfield Tuesday for their fall legislative session. Several controversial issues are up for consideration. We asked IPR’s Brian Mackey what happened on day one.

So far, not much is happening.

There was a big rally in support of same-sex marriage, but the sponsor wouldn't say when he might call the legislation for a vote.

A proposal to impose mandatory three-year prison sentences for gun crimes was supposed to get a hearing. But that was put off while supporters negotiate a compromise with gun-rights groups. Lawmakers also considered tax incentives for big businesses. That included hearing from the CEO of OfficeMax, Ravi Saligram, whose company is merging with Office Depot.

He says the combined business has to decide whether to locate in Naperville, where OfficeMax is, or Florida, home to Office Depot. Saligram says tax incentives will be an important factor.

"So we want to try and put Illinois -- to have it put it's best foot forward."

In keeping with the pattern of the day, lawmakers didn't vote on that, either. The House has canceled its session for Thursday, but will be back the week after next. These issues and others could still come up.