Deadline for two major state policy issues

Jul 9, 2013

Tuesday marks a deadline for state legislators on two major policy matters. As IPR’S Amanda Vinicky reports, both pit them against the Governor.
There's no fudging over the first deadline. It was set by a federal court. Illinois has until the end of today to pass a law legalizing the concealed carry of guns.

Gov. Pat Quinn changed the measure passed by the General Assembly.  Now legislators have to either accept, or reject his changes. They're back in Springfield today, and it's expected that despite heavy public pressure from the governor, they'll override his veto.

The second deadline was set by Quinn. He wants a pension overhaul passed. Pronto.  With a vague threat of "consequences" if a plan isn't on his desk tonight. If not, there's a hint the governor may again use his veto power, perhaps to nix legislators' salaries out of the budget.

Rep. Mike Zalewski, a Chicago Democrat, and other lawmakers on a special pension committee say Quinn's tactics are unproductive.

"It's important for the process and for us to work constructively, and not for us to be demonized."

In a string of heated exchanges with one of the governor's top aides, legislators publicly scolded Quinn for not coming to their hearing.