Dekalb poet writes Syria-inspired poems

Sep 5, 2013

Dekalb poet, Susan Azar Porterfield
Credit WNIJ
Congress reconvenes next week to debate military action in Syria.  One person who’s closely watching developments is DeKalb poet Susan Azar Porterfield.   In 2003, during a period of peace, Porterfield visited Lebanon, Syria’s neighbor.  There she met a family from Syria, and continues to wonder what happened to them and their small child.  Porterfield wrote a poem about this family called, “By Heart: 

Porterfield is half-Lebanese.  During her 2003 trip to Beirut she learned about the deep and difficult ties between Lebanon, Syria and Israel.  Her visit inspired another poem called "We in the Middle." 

Susan Azar Porterfield is a Professor of English at Rockford University.