Democratic Senator apologizes for Hitler remarks

May 22, 2013

A Democratic state senator who compared Governor Pat Quinn to Hitler is apologizing for his remarks. Senator Donne Trotter, who's from Chicago, made the comment to Illinois Public Radio on Monday. He was expressing his frustration with Quinn's support for the director of the Department of Healthcare and Family Services, Julie Hamos. Trotter, along with other members of the black and Latino caucuses, is calling for Hamos' ouster.

They say Hamos has shown "egregious disregard" for Illinois' most vulnerable residents. Trotter's remarks drew criticism from the Jewish community Tuesday prompting the Senator to issue a statement of apology.

Trotter says his comments were "inappropriate and wrong", and that he will re-direct his focus on adequately funding Illinois' healthcare for the poor, elderly and disabled. After an appearance at a Capitol hearing on an unrelated matter earlier Tuesday, Hamos declined to comment.