Dems, GOP head to the Illinois State Fair

Aug 14, 2014

Credit Alex Keefe / Instagram

Illinois’ top Republicans are set to rally their party’s faithful at the Illinois State Fair today. As Illinois Public Radio’s Alex Keefe reports, the Democrats’ rally struck a populist tone in Springfield Wednesday. 

Lieutenant Governor Sheila Simon - who’s running for comptroller - put on a bit of a runway show for Democrats.

SIMON: In the 4-H I learned how to sew, so here’s a dress I made this year. (applause fade out)

Then U-S Senator Dick Durbin drew a contrast between himself and his G-O-P opponent - State Senator Jim Oberweis - a wealthy dairy magnate.

DURBIN: I am not envious, because I know I am one Powerball ticket away from having the kind of money that these guys have...(applause fade under).

Governor Pat Quinn bashed companies and investors who try to avoid taxes overseas.

QUINN: And we tell those plutocrats and billionaires, they gotta pay their fare share.

Democrats here say they can’t outspend Republican candidates - but they’re hoping to gin up voters with ballot questions about raising the minimum wage and taxing millionaires.

From the State Fairgrounds in Springfield, I’m Alex Keefe.