Details on fundraising for Republican governor candidates

Jan 15, 2014

Illinois voters have a better idea of how much the Republican candidates for governor are raising for their campaigns.   It’s no surprise that new numbers show venture capitalist Bruce Rauner is leading his Republican counterparts.  Rauner raised more than $2 million since October.  He also gave his own campaign 2 million. Still - Rauner spent more than he brought in. Most of his expenses were normal costs to campaigns - with a good chunk going toward a media production company.  Rauner’s already been advertising on tv - unlike his opponents. Treasurer Dan Rutherford raised about $400,000 dollars.  He still has more than a million saved up.  State Senator Kirk Dillard brought in a quarter of a million. And State Senator Bill Brady raised the least of the Republicans - with just $73,000 dollars. Meantime - incumbent Pat Quinn raised more than a million from fellow Democrats and labor groups.  He now has 4.5 million in his campaign account.