Details missing from federal healthcare rollout

Sep 11, 2013

A major rollout of the federal health care overhaul is rapidly approaching, and significant details are still missing. 

 In just over two weeks, uninsured people and small businesses nationwide will be able to shop for insurance through the Affordable Care Act. October 1 is when so-called "insurance marketplaces" or “exchanges” will go live.

But in states like Illinois, it'll be hard to research more until then.

States that are running their own exchanges have already released information about coverage options and pricing.

But Illinois' exchange is a joint partnership with the federal government.State healthcare spokesman Mike Claffey says the feds are still reviewing Illinois' proposed 165 insurance policies and finalizing contracts with the insurance companies.

 "We do think there will be good coverage in all 102 counties around the state, but at this point we don't have the names of the plans, the names of the carriers.”

 That's been frustrating for brokers and people who plan to sign up for Obamacare.  It may also mean counselors who are supposed to be experts will need additional training... even after the exchange has already launched.Claffey says people will have plenty of time -- two-and-a-half months -- to research and enroll.