Dillard criticizes Rauner

Mar 4, 2014

The Republican candidates for Illinois governor are sparring just two weeks before the primary.

State Senator Kirk Dillard Tuesday criticized opponent Bruce Rauner for recently contributing another one million dollars to his own campaign.

Rauner, a venture capitalist, has now given his campaign six million dollars of his own money.

"Bruce Rauner may own nine multi-million dollar mansions around America, but he should not be allowed to buy the 10th, which is the people’s mansion in Springfield, Illinois. It is obscene, the amount of money that he spends," says Dillard.

Rauner recently produced ads criticizing Dillard for being a registered lobbyist while he was also an elected official.

State Treasurer Dan Rutherford and State Senator Bill Brady are also seeking the Republican nomination for governor.