Dillard gains Retired Teachers Association endorsement

Feb 26, 2014

Credit Brian Mackey / IPR

In the Republican primary for governor, state Senator Kirk Dillard today picked up the endorsement of a group of retired teachers. But he and two of the other candidates are still being badly outspent by Bruce Rauner. In endorsing Dillard, the Illinois Retired Teachers Association praised his vote against a pension overhaul late last year -- though Dillard previously voted in FAVOR of cuts to pension benefits. Rauner, however, has given more than five million dollars of his own fortune to his campaign, including a $1.2 million dollar contribution earlier this week. That's allowed Rauner to dominate T-V advertising. Dillard says he has other things going for him, like his endorsements.

"There's no doubt that because of his media blitz, Bruce Rauner has good name identification. But when the people of Illinois wake up to who he really is, they're not going to vote for him on Election Day."

Time is running out. The primary election is March 18th -- just under three weeks away.