Disaster recovery center opens in Washington

Jul 18, 2014

The Tri-County Long-Term Recovery Center opened in Washington today.  The goal of the facility in Sunnyland Plaza is to help residents affected by the November 17th tornado with financial and emotional support.  Jim Fassino chairs the non-profit recovery center. He says the center includes access to a central database for resident needs:

 “Any organization then that wants to share that information can learn by asking the clients one time what their needs are, what their financial condition is. They don't have to fill out 40 forms, they don’t have to talk to 40 caseworkers. They have one caseworker who is their key that lets them into all the services that are available,” Fassino says.

 Fassino says long-term challenges include funding for emotional therapy and ways to remove glass and metal debris buried under residential lawns.  The Robert R. McCormick Foundation also gave a $500,000 grant to the Long-Term-Recovery Center.  Those funds can help pay for dumpsters around damaged areas and meals for volunteers helping in the recovery.  Residents in-need can contact a caseworker at 309-696-6923.