Discussion on future plans for the Mahomet Aquifer

Feb 21, 2014

Efforts to save the Mahomet Aquifer are behind a public meeting in Normal Saturday. The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency has approved the citing of a Clinton Landfill over part of the water source, which stretches across 13 counties in central Illinois.

The state Attorney General is appealing a recent Illinois Pollution Control Board order the chemical waste dump be allowed in DeWitt County. Illinois State University Biologist Angelo Capparella says he's concerned about the immediate threat, but also worried there's been very little action by local governments to implement a plan for drawing water from the aquifer.

"Determing exactly how much we can use from it where, because the aquifer varies in its depth, as well as what do we do to keep contaminates such as PCBs from making the aquifer unusable"

Capparella is part of a break-out panel aimed at developing an action plan for aquifer usage and protection. Speakers and panel members include other environmentalists, attorneys and engineers. The session begins at 9 AM at City Hall in Normal.