District 150 explains purchase card system

Oct 15, 2013

District 150 is defending the way it uses purchase cards to buy items throughout the year. Peoria Public Radio’s Alex Rusciano reports the move comes after citizens questioned the process:

 Some in attendance at Board meetings suggest that district administrators made purchases beyond their authority and say an investigation is needed on spending in the district. But district finance officials told board members they found no inappropriate or illegal use of the purchasing, or P-Cards.  School Board member Debbie Wolfmeyer says the card system has checks and balances:

 “One way or another, for every purchase that’s made on a P-card, it sounds like on the computer the account number has to be listed, the reason for the purchase and either between there or what’s written on the receipt, you know what was purchased, you know why it was purchased, who it was purchased by and who it was used by,” Wolfmeyer says.  

 58 people have the cards, including principals, athletic directors and administrators. Finance officials say two or three times a principal used it by accident for personal use, then immediately paid the district back. The School Board also approved a new district-wide employee health insurance policy with no premium increase.