District 150 prepares for federal funding cuts

Feb 25, 2013

Peoria School District 150 is preparing for significant cuts to its federal funding that supports low-income students and teacher improvement efforts.  Peoria Public Radio’s Alex Rusciano reports:

 District 150 says it’s expecting a 10-percent cut to its Title I funding next school year.  That amounts to about $730,000 that pays for tutors, supplies and parental involvement efforts for low-income students.  District budget analyst Carla Eman says that the potential cut means choosing between what programs can be scaled back or instead paid for with dollars from the district Education fund:

 “We're talking like 20 years, we’ve always always had it go to 100 percent.  This would be the first time that if it stays at 90-percent that we’ve really had to cut back.  Title I is something you rely on every year.  No more,” Eman says.

 The District also says it might have to competitively apply for Title II funding instead of directly receiving it next school year.  That means potentially losing $1.7 million in funds that paid for 7 full time positions and other programs geared towards teacher improvement.  District officials say those positions, if needed, would be included in the annual reduction in force announcements this spring.