District 150 preparing report on potential cheating at Charter Oak

Dec 11, 2013

The Illinois State Board of Education is waiting on District 150 to send a formal report about potential cheating at Charter Oak Primary School. The District says it discovered quote, ‘potential ‘irregularities’ with the way the Illinois Standard Achievement Test, or I-SAT, exams were given to the 3rd and 4th grade special-education students at the School. Mary Fergus is a spokeswoman with the state board of education. She says they have investigated cases with test scores in the past:

 “I think that stands out from this case - and I really can’t comment on many of the particulars of this case - but I believe that we’re talking about a case that happened a few years ago and that is less common,” Fergus says.

 The District says the potential cheating on math and science testing has occurred since 2008 at Charter Oak. Sources say Charter Oak principal John Wetterauer has been placed on paid administrative leave. Fergus says cases involving test scores could involve deciding whether to stand by the numbers and possibly review teacher licenses if misconduct is found.