District 150 teachers union approves contract extension

May 6, 2013

The Peoria Federation of Teachers approved a two-year contract extension last night. The extension would run from mid-2014 through June of 2016. Each year includes a half-percent salary increase plus annual raises based on experience.

Former union president Bob Darling says it was important for the membership to vote on an extension more than a year before the current deal expires:

“There are times where the contract will supersede any laws that are changed until the contract expires.  So we’re hoping to get a contract settled before lawmakers make any decisions before May 30th. And some of the provision in the contract will be hopefully grandfathered in.”

Darling says the two-year extension also includes a reduction in pay increases that teachers get when they put in for retirement. The deal now heads to the District 150 School Board for approval.