District 150 tensions take different direction Monday

Feb 24, 2014

The controversy surrounding the former Charter Oak principal and testing scores in District 150 took a slightly different turn at last night’s School Board meeting. Peoria Public Radio’s Alex Rusciano reports:

 Parents continued to speak out against Superintendent Grenita Lathan by criticizing her leadership skills, saying she leads by fear and doesn’t listen to their concerns.  But others rose in support of the Superintendent, saying parents shouldn’t point fingers at the administration for its actions and instead focus on district-wide issues.  School Board president Rick Cloyd addressed parent Brenda Wilson during the public comment period, about an earlier meeting when he told her to sit down when making comments to the board:

 CLOYD: “In our meeting at Von Steuben, I asked you to do something that I think you found demeaning.”

WILSON: “I did.”

CLOYD: “I did not intend that. I would tell you that I was embarrassed by that and I feel like I owe you a public apology for that.”

WILSON: “Thank you so much.”

 It was a rare moment where recent meetings between parents and the school board surrounding the Charter Oak issue have led to tensions and even shouting.  The School Board also got an update on possible ways the district could use revenue from a one-percent sales tax increase if voters approve it next month.  The additional nine-million-dollars a year could help the district with required health life safety and H-VAC improvements.