District 150 wants more Peoria Stadium info, leasing portable classrooms

Jul 15, 2013

Members of the District 150 School Board during Monday's meeting.
Credit Orko Manna / WCBU

The District 150 School Board is re-considering its options for the Peoria Stadium property in the face of the proposed Walmart debacle. The School Board released the proposal last month to sell the property to Wal-Mart for a new store. Those attending last night’s board meeting again expressed opposition to the idea. District 150 Board President Rick Cloyd is asking the administration to gather comprehensive information in four key areas including sports schedules, and funding and facilities options:

“We’re looking for specifics within the realm of what is possible and what is feasible economically for us. It’s possible to spend very large amounts of money on property like that. But, first of all, is that the right thing to do and how much should you spend, and what is the value of doing that compared to other alternatives.”

Cloyd says he wants the information before the September 23rd school board meeting. A ten-thousand dollar performance bonus was also approved for Superintendent Grenita Lathan. 

The District 150 School Board is spending more than $300,000 over three years to lease portable classrooms. No Child Left Behind allows students to transfer from lower-performing schools to ones that meet state test standards. Superintendent Grenita Lathan says the additional classroom space at Charter Oak Primary and Lindbergh Middle School is needed to help accommodate 230 students transferring from other buildings.

A $34 million state grant for capital projects will pay for the lease cost. The district also needs to find funding for eight teachers and supplies for the new classrooms. A ten-thousand-dollar performance bonus was unanimously approved for Superintendent Grenita Lathan.