District 150 would see $5.4M cut in state budget scenario

Apr 16, 2014

New data suggests just how big a hit most school districts would take if Illinois' income tax rate rolls back as scheduled at the end of the year.  That would mean a 10-percent cut in state funding for District 150:

 Governor Quinn says schools will get $450 million less from the state if tax rates aren’t kept at five-percent.  That would mean a $5.4 million hit for Peoria Public Schools.  District treasurer Dave Kinney says that would total about $11 million less next year including previous cuts in state help:

  “If I want to translate that, that’s 220 teaching positions.  I don’t like to always put things that way, but the fact of the matter is that’s what we’re talking about. Or doing away with a lot of different things when you’re talking about another $5.5 million cut,” Kinney says. 

 The news comes days after the District issued pink-slips for nearly 200 employees for next year as it waits for more information on state funding.  There are dozens of schools across the state that would see gains – however an official says that's because of a complex formula.  But in general, schools from the poorest areas would be hardest hit