Documents related to Lincoln found overseas

More than 100 documents related to Abraham Lincoln have been found overseas in the last year, and they're now being examined by the Springfield-based "Papers of Abraham Lincoln” project.Stacy McDermott says the discoveries were made in several countries, including Japan, Switzerland, and Portugal.

McDermott says the documents range from diplomatic messages kept in government archives … to letters from his early-life owned by private collectors.

“People all over feel connected to him. Partly I think it’s because of the log cabin to the presidency kind of story. It’s a poor man makes good kind of story. I think people like that story. I also think his connection to the Civil War and his being assassinated also adds to the historical drama,” says McDermott.

McDermott says a single Lincoln paper could fetch a million dollars on the open market.The group doesn't take possession of the papers found – instead, they scan digital copies.