Don't Shoot takes aim at new gangs

Apr 10, 2013

The Peoria Don’t Shoot lead team has a message for members of the Zone 4 and 4-Corner Hustlers gangs. The message is ‘GAME ON!’ The two shootings Sunday and Monday are thought to be tied to the two groups. The city’s top prosecutors, law enforcement officials and Mayor Jim Ardis are standing firm, promising that Don’t Shoot principals are being focused on all members and affiliates of the two gangs.

 “We said we were gonna come after them, like the group behind me went after the bomb squad. A lot of those guys are still sitting out at Sheriff McCoy’s house waiting to go down to the DOC.And that is exactly what is going to happen here. The Peoria community needs to understand that we said from day one, our resolve is not a short term resolve. Don’t Shoot isn’t like any other program we’ve ever done. This isn’t a one and done, this is going to take years,” says Ardis.  Special patrols are already in place in the South side area of the shootings, and the police chief says they’ve already made a couple of related arrests. State and Federal prosecutor