Driver’s license pilot to launch for immigrants living illegally

Oct 29, 2013

Immigrants living in Illinois who entered the U.S. illegally may begin applying for a state driver's license in December. Secretary of State Jesse White says a pilot program will begin at four state driver services facilities. The full rollout at 21 other locations is scheduled for January.  White says it will improve safety, because in order for it to be recognized as valid, someone with temporary visitors' drivers' license must have insurance.

 "From Day One my office has been committed to implementing the program in a way that improves road safety, ensures quality community service and underscores the importance of the license integrity and security."

 But critics say there's a potential for identity fraud.The licenses are valid for three years and may be used only for driving. They can't be used as identification for activities like boarding a plane, voting or buying a firearm.  Unlike a standard license, which has a red top border, the "T-V-D-L" will have a purple one.