Dueling Plans to Pay State Workers

Feb 9, 2017

Legislation to keep Illinois government functioning without a full budget stalled today in Springfield. Democrats and Republicans have dueling proposals to keep paychecks flowing to state employees.  The Democratic plan would pay state workers through the end of the budget year, June 30th.  The Republicans responded with a plan to pay state workers forever, even if Illinois never adopts a full budget.

Shortly after that, Gov. Bruce Rauner came out with a video saying how terrible it was that Democrats put an end date on their bill.

“It’s not a solution. It’s a crisis showdown set for June 30th."

State Rep. Sue Scherer is a Democrat from Decatur.

“I really can’t figure out what the governor and the members on the Republican side are opposed to it… It’s following the Constitution, it’s appropriating money the way we’re supposed to do it."

State employees have been paid by court order for all 19+ months of the budget stalemate. Attorney General Lisa Madigan has asked a judge to reconsider that order.