Durbin, Bustos push measure to fund waterway projects

Sep 5, 2013

U.S. Senator Dick Durbin and Congresswoman Cheri Bustos toured the Peoria Lock and Dam system Thursday.  They renewed their push to pass legislation in the House that would help generate more money for lock and dam improvements.  Durbin urged the House to pass the Water Resources Development Act, which the Senate already approved.  He says the measure would allow private and public investment on systems that are 80-years-old:

 “We’re trying to find a way to deal with a lot of need and a little money.  That’s why this bill envisions creative pilot projects involving the shippers, the growers and a corps, let’s find a way if we can, to make these locks and dams more modern, safer, more efficient,” Durbin says.  

 Durbin says the bill could help find money to widen the water systems and help improve the time it takes to transport goods on large rivers.  He says there’s not enough government funding to cover the $60 Billion backlog of lock and dam projects across the country. The House takes up the bill in the coming weeks.