East Peoria City Council has new meeting space

Jan 7, 2014

The East Peoria City Council has a new meeting place the first and third Tuesdays of each month.  The body moved its chambers from the current city hall building to the shared-space as part of the library complex in the new downtown.  City Councilman Tim Jeffers says the location change is important:

 “This is the center of the city, the center of our new Levee District and plans are...to have the city hall locate here as well.  And that’s part of the universal plan we’ve had on the books for actually several years.  So it’s just a question of financing and timing, but this is the hub of the meetings,” Jeffers says.

   Jeffers says the council is still working to sell the old city hall building to a commercial developer.  He says proceeds from that sale would help pay for costs of the new proposed building downtown.  In other business, the council looked at proposed ways to spend more than $3 million in gaming revenue for 2014.  Jeffers says the proposed spending calls for using about $300,000 for street maintenance, $200,000 for flood repair projects and more than $250,000 for new police squad cars.